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Department of Molecular Chemistry (DCM)

UGA - CNRS - UMR 5250,

Director of the unit: Didier Boturyn

| Bioelectrochemistry team for sensors, energy and nanomaterials -BioCEN-
Lead: Cosnier Serge 
Contact: Holzinger Michael Tel: 04 56 52 08 11

Bioelectrochemistry, electrochemical biosensors, biopiles, molecular electrochemistry, molecular materials, nano-objects, carbon nanotubes, analytical chemistry, enzymes.

| Rédox-CIRe Inorganic Chemistry Team
Lead: Thomas Fabrice
Contacts: Belle Catherine, Tel: 04 76 51 48 38 and Thomas Fabrice, Tel: 04 76 51 43 73

Metalloproteins models, organic and inorganic synthesis, bioinspired catalysis, activation of small molecules, interactions with molecules of biological interest (DNA, inhibitors, etc.), rapid kinetics, molecular electrochemistry, redox photochemistry, electro- and photo-catalysis.

| BioMoléculaires-I2BM Engineering and Interaction Team
Contact: Boturyn Didier, Tel: 04 56 52 08 32

Bioorganic Synthesis, Chemical Biology, peptides, proteins, glycoconjugues, modified oligonucleotides, studies of biomolecular interactions.

| Team Spectrometry, Interactions, Theoretical Chemistry-SITh
Contact: Milet Anne, Tel: 04 76 51 43 74

Theoretical study of the reactivity and structural properties of bio-inorganic systems. Theoretical study of ligand-protein interaction. Dynamics, calculations of thermodynamic quantities, mixed QM/MM methods applied to biological systems.

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